Chicago ‘Chicko’ Doyle – Season Highlights

My first ever project was a special one. From a very young age I knew there was something special about Chicko and I wanted to capture it all for memories, at the start… It was the best $2,000 investment I ever made, I attended all his rugby games for an entire season, whether it was 7’s, touch or normal 15 a-side and recorded clips of him playing. I was a complete amateur when it came to all of the recording & editing back then (as you can probably tell) lol. Anyways, it took me a fair while to get the clip fully edited and ready for YouTube when I had a thought to myself, maybe some private schools would be interested in having a look at these videos and consider him for a sporting scholarship. What’s the worst that could happen right? They turn around and say no? No skin off my back, it was going up no matter what. I sent the link to the 2 most prominent schools I knew of that were leaders in sport and offered scholarships at this age, this would have been sometime during the Holidays. Within a week Chicko had received a full scholarship for his entire 3 years, to take him up to the end of Year 8. Humbled by all of this happening so fast this was the beginning of Chicko’s journey. Safe to say we are truly blessed.

2013 Highlights (Camera rec.)

Chicago’s 7’s Highlights

Chicago’s Rugby Union Highlights

Chicago’s Touch Rugby Highlights

2018 Geronimo Doyle Season Highlights

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Geronimo Doyle 2018 Rugby League Highlights

2019 Yanco Wamoon Hawks Rugby League Club – Australia Based (Individual Players)

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Jone Tabaiwalu

Soqoni Saurara

Michael Young

Mum’s Journey & Graduation

Always a huge inspiration and role models are our mothers. My mum battled hard through cancer and completed her Masters whilst going through chemo treatment. She will forever be remembered for her resilience, love and faith. RIP Mama. “It’s all about lifting standards and investing in happiness”.

Mum’s Journey through Cancer & Masters

Mum’s Fight Against Cancer

Counties Manukau Touch Highlights

After following Chicko around the different sporting codes I decided to start a team highlight package for him and his mates at Counties Touch. I started off trying to use a phone in my first ever clip and the quality was pretty terrible. As the years went by the quality of phones and the cameras, they had installed improved immensely and I was able to start making much better classed highlights. This ended up being an annual occurrence and as the years went by, the better the videos got.

2019 Highlights (Phone rec.)

Counties Tri-Series

Counties Nationals Day 1

Counties Nationals Day 2

Counties Nationals Finals Day

This has been a hobby for over 6 years now and I believe that it’s time to offer these services to parents, coaches, family members or just fan boys of people/teams who they are proud of and want to have lifelong quality memories of them or create exposure and opportunities for future.

NZIS Tour to USA

When I used to work at the New Zealand Institute of Sport, I was fortunate enough to go on 2 rugby tours to the USA. On the second time round, they asked if I could put some rough footage together for promotion of the tour to all 3 campuses. Probably not my best work due to the environment and short notice, however gives you enough of an idea of what can be done.

Here is what I came up with in 2016; (Phone rec.)

2016 NZIS Tour to USA

Navajo “Budda” Doyle

2018-19 Touch Highlights

Roller Mills Auckland East Tour

I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity as a camp dad on the 2016 Roller Mills Tour to Palmerston North. I asked if the coaches would like a bit of a “Our Journey” & team highlights together over the week and they both happily said yes.

2016 Roller Mills Auckland East (Phone rec.)

Fortnite/E Sports Highlights

The new craze is E Sports! A few little highlight clips.

Cheekswag PS4 Fortnite Highlights

Cheekswag PS4 Fortnite No Scope & Snipes 

Services can be recorded via phone or camera dependant on location of the venue.